Tietoa evästeistä

Cookies are small text files stored on your computer or in your browser when you visit certain websites. On our website, we use cookies to improve site functionality and give you a better user experience. We also use cookies to get analytical information regarding your use of the service, to save certain settings, and to direct relevant marketing to you.

You can control how cookies are stored on your device. To do this, change the settings for cookies in your browser. For example, you can choose to block cookies or set up to delete them when you close the browser.

Below you can read more about the cookies found on our website and what they are used for:



We use the company’s own cookies to keep track of language selection and name when signing in and if cookies have been accepted.


Zopim’s cookie allows us to offer a chat feature on our website.

Amazon Web Services

This cookie allows calls to go to the same server instead of different.


Google Analytics ja Google Tag Manager

These cookies are used to gather information about how visitors use our site. The information helps us improve our website.


Hotjar is used to gather details about how visitors use the website, to give the visitor a better experience, identify preferences and diagnose technical issues. The information helps us to develop our website.


Pingdom is used to measure the performance of our website.

Advertising and remarketing

The Facebook pixel

The Facebook pixel is used to create audiences for our ads based on who visits our website.